Welcome to creatively one, a space where creativity expands in all possible dimensions. A space where film, documentary, creative concepts, graphic design, music and dance flower together.

The Focus
Our focus is to create documentaries and films that embrace authentic and true experiences.

We also support businesses, individuals and communities with appropriate creative concepts, graphic designs and web development to promote their products and services.

The Philosophy
Our aim is to work with people who are looking for a different perspective as we desire to bring easiness into business. We are looking to collaborate on projects that embrace a conscious and energetically positive philosophy and approach.

About Prabhu
Prabhu has worked in both corporate and commumity organisations creating concepts, graphic designs, photography and web development over many years. His current project is 'Peace on Wheels' a documentary film which has added filming, directing and editing to his already wide experience and skills.

As well as working on design and film ideas Prabhu is an experienced choreographer, dancer and musician who draws inspiration from traditional Indian folk and devotional genres. He welcomes the opportunity to visualise and create performances and events that bring people together in the spirit of oneness.

For interest in any of the above please contact Prabhu on connect@creativelyone.com

© Photo by Prabhu