Music in Prabhu's life
Music has always been an expression of meditation, devotion and celebration for Prabhu.

Prabhu plays Dholak & Dhol (Indian Folk drums), Tabla (folk style) and has recently discovered the Hang. He has no formal training in music but has grown up with folk and devotional music from an early age.

Prabhu has had the opportunity to play with many different artists in many different environments from large festivals in Australia to peaceful temples in the mountains of Japan.

The focus of his music is to bring meditation and celebration into everyday life. If a person stops to listen while he is playing his Hang in a park or by the ocean Prabhu feels a prayer has been offered.

Prabhu has recently recorded (Oct 07) a CD of Hang music, 'at the temple gate' which is currently available by emailing us at
Any one wishing to distribute this music can also contact us at the above address.

Prabhu also welcomes any invitations to play at festivals, peace events, meditation gatherings and celebrations.

© Photo by Prabhu